At Sage's Interiors, we think interior design should be fun!

Our purpose is to listen to you, offering professional advice to help bring together your tastes, your budget and the unique opportunities of your home.

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Sage Scott

When I started my business years ago, I wanted my clients to feel that I was truly listening to their ideas and desires.

There is a notion out there that interior designers will come to your house and do what they think you need done. That goes against everything I stand for. When I am asked to help a client, I feel grateful that they trust me enough to ask me into their home.

Over the years, I've met two kinds of interior design clients: The first doesn't know how to turn their home decorating ideas into a reality. The second kind has no idea where to start. I am happy to assist either one.

If you are thinking of hiring an interior designer, I would love to stop by for a chat about your home. I understand that it is indeed your home and should be a reflection of you. I will work hard to help you transform it into something you will absolutely love and can't wait to show your friends.


Sage Scott


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